Rob Sbar endorses Seymour Duncan pickup

Rob Sbar endorses Morley pedals

Rob Sbar endorses Madison Amplifiers

Rob Sbar performing at the Madison booth, NAMM Show, Winter 2005

"I currently use a Madison Divinity head and Madison Minstil cabinet which fulfill my needs entirely. The head features three separate channels with separate EQs for clean, distortion and more distortion as well as having a light distortion option on the clean channel, providing me with all the head room and versatility I would ever need. I see the Divinity as a best of both worlds situation. It's equipped with EL34 power tubes for a British sounding looseness and crunchiness with fast compression, which I generally prefer, along with a low midrange response and the ability to scoop easily for that big, consuming wall-of-sound, modern distortion. It's as if this amp was made specifically for me."
-Rob Sbar

The Rob Sbar Noesis are currently working on a new CD tentatively titled The Existence of the Sun, to be released later this year. Stay tuned for further details.

The Rob Sbar Noesis has contributed a new track, titled Transfiguring Perceptions, to the Shawn Lane Remembered Volume II CD presented by Lion Music.  Also included are: Roger Stafeelbach, Double Heart Project, Patrik Carlsson, Torben Enevoldsen, Mistheria, Jon Paget, Luis Moreno, Richard Daude, Marcos De Ros, Tom Kopyto, and Alex Masi.   Purchase the CD by logging onto Shawn Lane Remembered Volume II.

The Rob Sbar Noesis has contributed a version of I Know You're Out There Somewhere to the upcoming Moody Blues Tribute CD presented by Mellow Records.

The Rob Sbar Noesis track Lexical Gap is currently being featured on the Wretched Productions/Quintessence Metal Webzine's "Fret-Essential" Guitar Compilation CD.  Also included are Nicola Fassi, Michael Knight, Sean Mercer, Tom Kopyto, John Sullivan, Gashead, David Neil Cline, Dave Beegle, Rare Blend, Ray DeTone, Art Faccio, Chaz DePaolo.

      *To purchase the CD, log onto Quintessence Metal Webzine's "Fret-Essential" #1.

The Rob Sbar Noesis track, Diet Soda, Chinese Food and a Single Yellow Daisy is currently being featured on the Virtuoso Music Compilation CD presented by   Rob is also preparing to record an unreleased track for a future CD compilation(Thanks, Wut!).

Rob Sbar endorses Seymour Duncan pickups.

The Rob Sbar Noesis CD, Wagon Wheels and Atom Bombs, has been added to the Fossil Records catalog.

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Rob Sbar was asked to contribute a list of 10 CDs to Evo Music's "Musicians: What They Listen To For Pleasure" section at: Evo Music.

Rob Sbar has been featured in Ball Buster Hard Music's AXE BANGER:The Guitarist Showcase at: Ball Buster Hard Music.

The Rob Sbar Noesis CD "Wagon Wheels and Atom Bombs has been placed music critic, David Cisco's Top 10 CDs of 2002: Progressive World.

The Rob Sbar Noesis have been featured and added to the playlists of many radio stations worldwide including these available online:  Screaming SymphonyDelicious Agony Progressive Rock RadioRadio Kozmos-"Guitarist"El Retorno Del Gigante and many others.

The Rob Sbar Noesis released their debut CD, Wagon Wheels and Atom Bombs on Aggregate Recordings.  This project unites the mediums of music, art, and written word.  Purchase the CD by clicking on Merchandise or by logging onto

Sound clips from Wagon Wheels and Atom Bombs are available on the Audio page.  Rob will be performing around New York City to support the release.  Stay tuned for information on times, dates and venue by clicking on the Shows/Clinics page.