The Rob Sbar Noesis is a virtuosic rock/fusion instrumental guitar-based trio that blends avant-garde and experimental forms of composition within a context of dynamic rock performances. The Rob Sbar Noesis has received critical acclaim throughout the fusion and progressive rock communities for their imaginative, complex arrangements and sheer chops, artfully redefining contemporary instrumental guitar music.

Rob Sbar is an accomplished guitarist and composer whose style is a unique blend of rock, modern and avant-garde jazz and fusion along with contemporary chromatic and post-tonal forms. Rob presents a unified, cumulative sensory and arts experience, incorporating the mediums of sound with written and spoken word, and often visual concepts.

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noesis <philosophical terminology> Greek word for intuition or thinking; the operation of nous without benefit of the discursive reasoning that characterizes di-noia. According to Plato, such awareness represents the highest portion of human knowledge. From this foundation, Plotinus developed a detailed theory of the operation of the human soul in relation to the world. Husserl later appropriated this Greek term in order to emphasize the characteristic intentionality of mental acts. Recommended reading: F.E. Peters, Greek Philosophical Terms:A Historical Lexicon (NYU, 1967)

Definitions from Being and Nothingness, Jean-Paul Sartre, 1943. Husserl's term for the intentional direction by consciousness towards an object external to it. The intending act as such with all its essential features.